•  Welcome to Creative Crafts I

    (1/2 art credit for graduation)
    Mrs. Rice-Gaiser

    Units of Study:
    Unit 1 – Ceramics
    Unit 2 – Jewelry
    Unit 3 – Painted Glass
    Unit 4 – Paper Mache’
    • Each unit will consist of vocabulary, history of process and/or materials, a project and a content quiz
    • There will be a cumulative final assessment exam at the end of the course

    Homework Assignments:
    All homework/journals are to be neatly pasted into your sketchbook. Your homework will not be accepted unless it is in your sketchbook. It is important to stay organized and keep everything in place!
    You are welcome to use your sketchbook to draw, to take notes and/or to collect images that you find interesting. Make your sketchbook a place to brainstorm and to be creative!

    Projects and Quizzes:
    For each unit, we will complete one project and take a cumulative quiz on what was learned. These two grades will be counted as 80% of your grade. It is important to work hard and to try your best. Do ask for help if you need it – be your own advocate!
    All projects are to be worked on during studio time in class. Students may request for additional work time on a project if they have been absent from school or if they have fallen behind so long as the studio work time to be used to its fullest potential.
    Late work will result in credit loss.

    Notebook ( ½ ‘ or a 1” binder):
    There will be handouts for each unit. You will need to keep all packets and handouts inside of a binder. Random notebook checks may be given.

    The art department uses a weighted grading system to determine grades:
    20% of your grade consists of homework /journals
    80% of your grade consists of projects, class work, quizzes, critiques and class participation
    1st Q + Q + 2nd Q + Q + Final Exam Grade / 5 = Final Grade

    If you miss a class, it is YOUR responsibility to see what you missed. If you are absent the day a project or journal is due, you must turn it in the next day or late points will be deducted. If you are absent the day of a quiz, be prepared to take it upon returning.