• Birthdays are a fun celebration for young children. Our class will be celebrating birthdays in a special way this year. Your child will get to wear a birthday crown in school and we will sing “Happy Birthday”. In addition, you are invited to come in and read your child’s favorite picture book to the class as part of the birthday celebration. This special time will be instead of a birthday treat.


    I will contact you prior to your child's birthday to set up a day and time. Please also feel free to e-mail me at the beginning of your child's birthday month to schedule your day. If you are unable to come in on your child’s birthday we can arrange another day for you to come in. We will celebrate the summer birthdays in June.



    Tips for selecting a book to read to the class for your child's birthday celebration:

    ·         Have your child pick out a favorite picture book. If necessary, you may guide your child with the selection keeping in mind that you will be reading it aloud to the class. (Example: A story may be easier to read aloud than a tongue twisting Dr. Seuss book.)

    ·         Discuss with your child why this book is a favorite so that he/she will be able to share why it is special with the class. Is it a funny book? Does your child love the characters? Is it a wild adventure? Are the pictures special in some way?

    ·         Please plan to read for about 10 minutes. I ask that you do not bring chapter books in due to time constraints.


    **If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, please mail those invitations to the homes of the children being invited. Please do not send them to school to be passed out (even if all children in the class are invited). I realize it is not possible to invite everyone and feelings can be hurt. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.