• Writer's Workshop

                         Writer's Workshop

    Writer's Workshop is a time for sharing ideas, drawing and writing.

    We begin Writer's Workshop by talking, drawing and labeling pictures.  The children learn quickly that pictures are a form of writing. They carry meaning and other people can "read" their pictures. Then the child is able to feel successful writing right away!

    Usually the child draws himself in the picture doing something he enjoys. The child illustrates, writes, and tells what is happening "on the outside" of the story. (Eventually the child learns to add how they felt "on the inside" too.) This telling/drawing/writing approach allows the child to think first and then add details to the pictures, letters and words at their own level.

    This grows into writing, Stories From Our Lives. The trick is to find the small moment to write about! Many of our exciting stories have many moments in them. I will be focusing on picking just one moment to write about. These stories center around every day activities in the life of a kindergartener. (ex. swinging at the park, riding a bike, loosing a tooth)

    How can parents help?

    •  Set up a writing area for your child at home. Include paper and writing instruments, especially markers, they flow easily on the paper.
    • As events happen during your day, suggest (lightly): That would be a great story to tell someone and then write on paper!
    • Model being a writer: as you email and correspond, make a grocery list etc. give your child opportunities to write.