• Kindergarten Sight Words

    Sight Words

         We will be teaching the children to read sight words in Kindergarten.  These are words that are used frequently in the children’s reading and writing and that we would like to have them recognize automatically.  They will be assessed on their ability to read these words as part of a district-wide Kindergarten assessment. 

            To make learning the words easier, you will receive flashcards for use at home.  For your reference, the kindergarten sight words are listed below.

            As your child learns new words, please encourage him/her to spell them correctly when writing at home and to practice reading them. Once children have mastered the words below we like to introduce the color and number words.   
                                        Kindergarten Sight Words:

      a, all, am, and, are, at, be, big, can, come, did, for, go, good, have, he, here, I , in, is, it, like, look, me, my, no, not, on, one, our, run, said, see, she, so, the, to, two, this, they, up, was, we, what, who, will, with, yes, you, your.