• Fine Motor Activities
    There are many different muscles in the hands that are used to perform specific movements. The following activities are suggested to strengthen hand and finger muscles.

      Play dough activities: roll the dough, squish between fingers and thumb, use a rolling pin and
      cookie cutter,hide various objects and try to find them (coins, marbles, beads).

    scissors activities: cut various textured materials (paper, cardboard, grass). Cut shapes along lines.

    Use a paper punch to make confetti.

      Paper activities
    : simple origami designs, crumple paper in one hand, tear paper, make a paper ring 
      chain, weaving.

      String beads
    to make a necklace. (use Fruit Loops and a Licorice whip for extra fun)

      Dot to Dot patterns.

      Squeeze trigger bottles, use clothes pins, tweezers, tongs to pick up various objects. Use a turkey  
      baster to squeeze and blow feathers, cotton balls or pom-poms or to transfer water from containers.

    Pick up a handful of small objects (coins, beads) one at a time and store them in the palm of the hand
    without dropping any, place in a container one at a time.

    Pop bubbles from plastic bubble packing wrap using thumb and index finger.

    Copy finger snapping/clapping patterns.

    Play games
    : Cup hands to roll dice. Card games. Jacks, dominoes, Pick-up Sticks.

    Stamp pad art projects.

    Finger Paint (paint on various textured surfaces such as sand paper, Styrofoam)

    Hand Games (where is thumbkin? Itsy Bitsy Spider)

    Finger spelling.

    Household chores: Folding Laundry, drying dishes, clipping coupons, can opener.