Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Your Best
    In Mrs. Zoeller's classroom, this means...
    Students' Responsibilities: 
    1. Students must follow all school rules and treat others with kindness. 
    2. Students should always put forth genuine effort.
    3. When a student is struggling, they should see Mrs. Zoeller to make arrangements for additional support.
    4. Students must come to class prepared with appropriate materials and completed assignments.
    5. Students must develop and utilize effective study skills to do well on class assessments.
    Teacher's Responsibilities:
    1. Mrs. Zoeller will treat all students with respect, and will model patience, kindness, and understanding.
    2. Mrs. Zoeller will address inappropriate behavior to create a safe and comfortable classroom environment for all students. 
    3. Mrs. Zoeller will make herself available to provide additional support outside of class (before school, during study hall, or during lunch).
    4. Mrs. Zoeller will make expectations clear. Classroom activities will be challenging, yet developmentally appropriate.
    5. Mrs. Zoeller will put homework assignments on the board daily and will also post them on her website.
    1. Students need to permission to leave the room. They must sign out, have a pass, and sign back in.
    2. When students are absent, they will be given missed work and must make it up in a timely fashion. When Mrs. Zoeller gives a student the missed work, Mrs. Zoeller and the student will discuss due dates.
    3. Students may have water bottles in class, however, they shouldn't have any other food or drink unless special arrangements have been made.
    4. No cell phone or personal electronic device use in class without permission.
    5. PLEASE do not keep personal belongings in student desks.