• A Day in Mrs. McClaren’s Class

     kindergarten reading

    Morning Program -On Fridays we attend a school-wide Morning Program in the Gymnasium. 

    Circle Time -We begin our day by gathering together to share news, the calendar, weather, and a morning message.

    Word Study-The children are given the opportunity to compare, contrast, and classify categories of sounds and words.  They do this through teacher-directed instruction, as well as independent learning. 

    Handwriting-The children will engage in gross and fine motor activities focusing on correct pencil grip and letter and number formation.

    Reading Workshop-The children will read, choose what they will read, and engage in conversations about their reading.  Guided reading groups are conducted during this time.

     Math -We explore numbers, sorting, patterning, graphing, shapes, addition, subtraction, etc. using hands on activities and math manipulatives.

    Science -Some of our science themes are: 5 senses, plants, bubbles and waterplay.

    Social Studies -Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on self, school and community.

    Snack -Please pack a daily snack in a paper bag, labeled with your child's name. Please keep portions small - snack time is 10 minutes.

     Writers Workshop-The children will write everyday. This activity may include handwriting, drawing, letters, words, sentences, stories etc.

    Lunch 11:05 - 11:35

    Rest Time/Recess/Fitness -After lunch we rest for about 10-15 minutes.  It is a time to rest and relax our tummies.  We listen to soft music, books on tape, or read a book quietly. 

    Specials- 12:40 - 1:25 The children will go to Music, Library, Art and Phys. Ed.  

    Choicetime -This is  the time of day when the children engage in free play in the classroom or outside on the playground.