• The following links have been found to be student friendly.  However because I cannot control everything on the pages, I do recommend that your child is supervised while navigating these pages. 


    Math Links
    Math Arcade
    Math arcade is fun way to review basic grade level concepts (from grades 1-8). To begin, simply click on "New to Math Arcade?" located on the top of the page. From there, click on your grade level so that the games in the math arcade will be adjusted to the correct level. Enjoy!
    Math Fact Games
    This web site has fun games such as BINGO and Hidden Picture, which will help you practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Just click on "Games" on the left hand side.
    Everything Math
    Click on "online games & more". You will find an online math resource menu, which contains many math topics. Click on the topic of choice and have fun playing!
    Math Baseball
    Enjoy a fun game of baseball while practicing your math facts!
    Math Magician
    Here is another fun way to practice your math facts!
    Fact Monster
    Math Flashcards
    Online Math Games
    This website contains online math games that relate to common core standards. Select your grade level, and then choose a math game that suits your needs!
    Language Arts 
    Mad Libs
    Online Mad Libs: type in the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective) or name that is asked for and create your own personalized silly story!
    Sight Words
    On this website, you will find fun games to practice leveled sight words. Find your level under "Dolch Word Games" on the left hand side of the webpage.
    Practice this week's spelling words
    Type in your spelling words in order to play activities and games to help you study them!
    Online Dictionary
    This online dictionary gives children the chance to independently develop their vocabulary.
    Fun with Words
    The number one way for children to develop their knowledge of words is to motivate them to do so. This website provides a fun way for older (intermediate) students to experiment with words and develop an appreciation for language.