• Sheridan Hill Elementary School

    Grade 3 Supply List 

    school supplies

                       **NOTE: This list is only for those who did not order the school supply package**


    To help you get ready for school we have included a list of supplies you will need next year.


    1.      Three composition notebooks (one is for Art)

    2.      Twenty #2 pencils- sharpened and labeled

    3.      Scissors

    4.      One pink pearl eraser

    5.      One box of crayons (24)

    6.      One pack of 8-10 Crayola colored pencils

    7.      One pack of fine point Crayola markers

    8.      Inch/centimeter ruler

    9.      Three large glue sticks

    10. One extra-large box of tissues for the classroom

    11. Two red and one black flair pen

    12. One highlighter

    13. One black, dry-erase marker

    14. Boys- One box of 15 or more Ziploc bags – sandwich size

    Girls- One box of 15 or more Ziploc bags- gallon size

    15. One package of Post-It Notes (approx. 6 pads, any color) 2” x 3”

    16. Six pocket folders (blue, green, yellow, red, purple, orange)

    17. Small, manual pencil sharpener with catcher for shavings

    18. A  5” x 8” , hinged spacemaker supply box or zipper pencil pouch

    19. Art Smock (ex: old adult t-shirt)

    20. One pair of headphones (can purchase at Dollar Store)

    21. One package wide-ruled loose leaf paper


    Please make sure that you label your supplies with your name. 


          Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.   See you in September!






                                                                                                                           Ms. Kiener