The most important thing you can do is read to your child daily! 


    Once Readers' Workshop begins, your child will bring home "a book in a bag."  This will include an independent reading book and a reading log.  Please have your child read it to you and then sign the log.  These books need to be returned the next school day to allow other students to use the book as well. 

    Occasionally your child will be asked to practice an important skill such as shoe-tying, name printing, or printing letters.

    Homework in Kindergarten is:

      • Reading to your child daily.   
      • Reviewing or completing math homework.
      • Practicing essential skills that have been covered in class.  
      • A time to show your best work.  
      • Best when done with guidance of the parent.  
      • Best when limited to 10-15 minute sessions.  
      • Practicing sight words that have been covered in class.  (We will send home flashcards when a set of words has been completed in class.)

    Homework in Kindergarten is NOT:      

      • Busy-work.  
      • A replacement for active and imaginative play.  
      • Done in a hurry.