• Grading

    In second grade, we will give students and parents feedback about progress through daily work, assessments and report cards.  Assessments will be sent home for you to look over with your child.  Once you have reviewed assessments they should be returned to school.


    Homework is an important part of the learning process.  Homework is intended to be a review of classwork, prepares students for upcoming lessons, and begins to install a sense of responsibility in each child.  Please remember second graders should only be doing about 15 - 30 minutes of homework a night.  This includes reading about 15 minutes a night - which should be recorded on their reading log. 

    Homework will be assigned usually Mondays through Thursday.  Students will receive math pages that come from their "Math Text Books."  The pages are a reinforcement of what we have covered in   Students should review their daily assignments with their parents upon completion of each activity. This step is very beneficial to your child's learning.  After it is checked for accuracy and neatness, it should be returned to school.  

    On Monday and Wednesday they will also receive spelling homework from their spelling books.   Please also study for the spelling test on Thursday evenings. 

    I hope you enjoy spending time with your child reinforcing the many concepts we cover in school.