Highlights of Fourth Grade:

    • Reading:  Multiple genre studies and comprehension of both short stories and novels is a primary focus.  Students will participate in book clubs with their classmates.  Independent reading, both at home and at school, is an important component in developing life-long reading skills. 
    • Math:  Before entering fourth grade, it is essential that students master basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Mastering these basic math facts will enable students to efficiently solve more complex math problems. 
    • Writing:  Students will consume, critique, and produce multiple genres.   These include:  narrative stories, persuasive and literary essays, and various research reports.
    • Social Studies:  The history of New York State is the primary focus in social studies.  Units of study include:  geography, economics, Native Americans, explorers, Colonial Period, revolutionary War, government, Industrial Revolution, and immigration. 
    • Science: A hands-on approach is emphasized in science.  Units of study include: crayfish and animal adaptations, magnets, energy, electricity, matter, Earth Processes, plants and pollination, body systems, health, nutrition, and cells.

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