• A positive attitude is contagious!

    Room 314

    Welcome to Mrs. Wilk’s 5th grade class at Harris Hill Elementary!  

    Students will be actively engaged in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies lessons.  All students in fifth grade are expected to demonstrate responsibility for all work.  This includes class work and homework. 

    Highlights of Fifth Grade:

    • Reading: Multiple genre studies and comprehension of both fiction and informational text is our primary focus.  Students will participate in book clubs with their classmates.  Independent reading, both at home and at school, is an important component in developing life long reading skills.
    • Math: Before entering fifth grade, it is essential that students master basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Mastering these basic math facts will enable students to efficiently solve more complex math problems.  This foundation is needed for concepts in algebra, geometry, probability/statistics, and problem solving. Key areas to master are fractions,decimals and volume!
    • Writing: Students will consume, critique, and produce multiple genres including narrrative, opinion and informational pieces. 
    • Social Studies: Units of study include: geography, the Western Hemisphere, and study of the United States government.
    • Science: A hands-on approach is emphasized in science. Units on matter, the environment will be studied.