• How Can I Help My Child Be Successful?

    Grade 4 – Mrs. Miller


    1.    Check your child's assignment notebook daily.  Ask your child to show you completed work.  I am requesting that parents sign or initial their child’s assignment notebook every night.  This lets me know that you are aware of their homework and any quizzes, tests or special events coming up.  Also, please look for any I.O.U. labels in their assignment notebooks. If they have an I.O.U., please have your child complete the missed homework and sign the I.O.U.  


    2.    Encourage your child to ask questions if they need a better understanding of a concept.


    3.    Some students choose to learn how to play an instrument in 4th grade.  I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and I encourage everyone to try!  If your child chooses to do this they will miss class once a week for about 30 minutes.  I will do my best to get them caught up on what they missed, but it is important that you are available to help them at home too.  Please encourage them to speak up if they need my help or yours.


    4.    If your child is absent, please remind them to speak to me about what they missed.  I will keep a collection of their missed work and write out what they need to do.  If your child has any questions they should speak to me as soon as possible. Please be available to assist your child in getting caught up on their work as soon as possible.


    5.    Assist your child in organizational skills.  Every paper has a home.  Parents need to check their child’s Take Home Folder everyday. Please empty out the home papers and only send back to school what is necessary.


    6.    Help your child learn to study for tests. Fourth grade is a great year to build strong study habits. Review study guides each night, give practice tests (oral and written), use/make flashcards, have your child teach and test you etc. Create a routine and strong study habits now and watch it pay off in middle and high school.