• Grade 5 Social Studies Curriculum

    The Western Hemisphere

    This program examines all of the Western Hemisphere including the United States, Canada, Central and South America in relation to the following topics:  Geography, Economy, History/Government, Social/Cultural Life.

    The following units will help the students see how the countries that make up the Western Hemisphere are both similar and different:

    - Geographic Concepts
    - Early Civilizations
    - European Settlement/Colonization
    - Creating New Nations
    - Industrial/Economic Growth
    - Interdependence
    - Cultures Today

    As for tests, students will be taking unit tests. They will use their notes and given outlines for what to study for tests.

    We will supplement textbooks with readings from historical fiction, current events, and literature when it applies. Students will be expected to do one or two projects throughout the course of the year. They will be reading and writing on a daily basis, taking notes, creating and labeling maps, and studying current events.