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                                                                                          How We Can Help Children Succeed:


    1.     Check your child's assignment pad and Take Home Folder nightly asking to see completed work/work to be completed.  I am not asking parents to sign the assignment pad nightly. However, I am asking parents to sign their Reading Log nightly . Your child should strive to read 20 minutes each night. This log should be stored in their Take Home folder. I will collect the Reading Log biweekly along with an assignment I put together for them prior to hand-in date. There is no need to sign if your child read during school (s); only sign nightly when your child jots down "h" for home reading. 

    2.    Encourage your child to ask questions throughout the year if further understanding of a concept is needed. Parents may email if clarification is needed:  sbalthasar@clarenceschools.org

    3.    Many students will choose to play an instrument again this year.  Music is a wonderful opportunity and we encourage all to continue their instrument.  If your child chooses to continue to play an instrument, he/she will miss class 1x/wk/30 minutes – staggering times so not to miss same subject. Students will be given the responsibility to ask their study buddy what he/she missed while at practice. However, I will encourage the children to approach me if further help is needed. We are patient with the children as they continue to develop and take on more responsibility this year.

    4.    When a child is absent, their Study Buddy will place missed work/instructions as to what was missed into a “Missed Work” folder.

    5.    Every paper has a home.  Here is our class color-code system - our class tried to our best to color code:
         - Red: Math – spiral/folder are red; homework papers-white
         - Purple: ELA – spiral/folder/most papers are purple
          - Green: Science – folder/most papers are green
          - Blue:    Social Studies – folder/most papers are blue
          - Yellow: Writing – folder is yellow; most papers are yellow