• Classroom Information
    Curriculum Overview

    Reading: Fourth grade teachers provide a balanced literacy approach. Students will study rich literature through the use of chapter books and picture books in various genres. Our fourth grade team believes readers should  make meaning from a variety of text. Therefore, students will be introduced to multiple types of print throughout the year (magazines, articles, newspapers, brochures, etc.). We accomplish the integration of skills and strategies via whole class instruction using Units of Study by Lucy Calkins, guided reading groups, book club discussions, small group settings and independent study work. 

    Writing: There is a strong correlation between exposing and absorbing quality text and writing. Students will be heavily exposed to many writing forms through Lucy Calkins' Writing Pathways curriculum. We will produce quality text and writing pieces through exposure, a quantity of writing time to generate and develop ideas, mini-lessons, and writing conferences in order to continue to grow within our literate Ledgeview community. Our focus genres of writing will be Realistic Fiction, Persuasive Essays, Writing about Fiction with the Literary Essay, Reading Responses, and Bringing History to Life with informational writing. Each week, your child will progress through different spelling patterns and skills.

    Math: The fourth grade math curriculum includes concepts such as number sense and operations, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, and measurement. 

    Social Studies: The fourth grade curriculum is a chronological exploration of American history. Students learn about history through a study of Native Americans up to the Industrial Revolution. As we study each unit, we will explore the role of New York State in that time period. In addition, we study the government of the United States and New York State.

    Science: Students will be engaged in hands-on experiences in the following fourth grade units of study: Crayfish, Cycles, Mystery Matter and Electrical Circuits.