•                  National Geographic Bee

                     (Optional - but encourage all to try)

    The National Geographic Society has been holding the National Geography Bee for students in the fourth through eighth grades in thousands of schools across the United States and in the five U.S. territories, as well as in Department of Defense Schools around the world for nearly 20 years.

    The school level bee of the Geography Bee will be held at Ledgeview during the 2014-2015school year.  From all of the fifth grade students who participate in this Geo Bee, twenty will compete against one another here at LV over a two-day period.  The winner of the school bee will get the chance to take the qualifying test for the state level Geography Bee.  In May, state bee winners will meet in Washington D.C. to compete in the national championship.  The winner of the National Geography Bee is awarded a $25,000 college scholarship.

     More about the School Level Bee:

    1. There are six to seven rounds in the preliminary round of competition. Each
        student is asked his/her own question for each round.  Students have 15
        seconds to respond. The top 10 students with the most points will advance
        to the final round that will take place the following day. If necessary, 
        tiebreaker questions will be asked. The procedure for the final round is very
        similar to the preliminary round.

    2. A teacher will be reading the questions to you.  You are allowed to have
        the teacher repeat your question.  If you did not fully understand
        the question, politely ask the teacher to repeat your question. Asking for
        a question to be repeated does not take time away from you. 

    3.  For some of the preliminary rounds, students will be given a choice of

         EX:  Q: Which state has a larger population -  New York or Wyoming?
                A:  New York
         You have a 50/50 shot - so, be sure to guess.
     4.  In the other rounds, students will not have choices.

         EX:  Q: Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is located on
                    which continent?
                A:  Asia
    Once again, even if you do not know the answer - guess. There are always clues in the questions that might help you make an educated guess.  Like in the example above they asked, “which continent.”  Even if you did not know the answer, you knew the answer had to be one of the seven continents.
    Another EX: Q: If you were to visit Glacier National Park, you would
                           be traveling in which western state of the United States?
                       A: Montana
    Again, listen to the question, visualize the 50 states,  and focus on only the western states. Use what you know to help you eliminate states.
    5. When you have any questions about the Geography Bee, I will refer you to
        Mr. Floss
    , as Mr. Floss will be in charge of this Bee. Please note that all
       dates regarding this competition will be provided by Mr. Floss as soon as
       Mr. Floss obtains all necessary dates from the National Geo Bee staffers.
    6. Click here for National Geographic Bee practice questions.