• I encourage students to come see me for help or with questions, anytime during the day. Even if I have a class, I should be able to provide the help needed. The following is my daily schedule, along with where students can find me during non-teaching periods.

    Before School: I am usually here no later than 8:15, so you can come see me when you get off the bus or dismissed from the cafeteria.

    Period 1 - Planning. I will be in my room or running errands. Check back in a few minutes if I am not around. Two days a week, I will be meeting with my department, in Mrs. Voll's room, so look for me there!


    Period 2 - Class

    Period 3 - Planning. I will usually be in my room, but will also have errands to run. Check back in a few minutes if I am not around.

    Period 4 - Class

    Period 5 - Class

    Lunch - If you need to see me during lunch, let me know in the first couple of minutes of the eighth grade lunch period, so I can get my food and meet you back at my room.

    Period 6 - Study hall duty, in my room. Feel free to stop in.

    Period 7 - Class

    Period 8 - Class

    After School: I am always here until 3:50 or 4:00, sometimes later.