• The Clarence Music Department has a comprehensive, NYS standards based K-12 music curriculum.  At the elementary level, all students meet one time every week as a homeroom class for 45 minute classes. 

    The elementary vocal/general music curriculum is divided into three sequential categories:


    1) Readiness - Grades K - 1 

    Students have beginning readiness experiences in singing, movement, and playing rhythm instruments to prepare for musical understanding.

    2) Early Literacy - Grades 2 - 3

    Students have further experiences in singing and movement, and primary experiences in music reading and music terminology. Students work toward singing on pitch and keeping a steady beat.

        3) Music Literacy - Grades 4 - 5
        Students have intermediate experiences in music reading, terminology, evaluation and performance. The 4th and 5th grades also meet
        a second time each week for chorus, which is our "musicianship lab". During chorus, everything that has been learned in the                          previous years can now be applied to their rehearsals and public performance.


    Click on the link below to see the Clarence district general music program curriculum overview: