• Goals:

    Target shooting teaches discipline, perseverance, organization, and focus. As a hobby, sport, or for competition, Rifle Club offers an opportunity to learn the proper, safe handling of firearms. The club is for both experienced and inexperienced shooters in grades 9-12, who want to practice and have fun. The club has been formed to accommodate students who like to target shoot, but might otherwise not be able to go out for the sport during the Winter sports season. For new shooters, specific instruction in the three positions of competitive shooting - prone, off-hand, and kneeling - will be stressed with emphasis on the prone position. Experienced shooters practice to maintain their skills as well as learn more advanced ones. The club meets one morning each week, from 7:30 – 8:30 AM.

    Dan Graf, Rifle Club Advisor, can be reached by emailing him at dgraf@clarenceschools.org.