• 2021 Yearbook 

    Needs Your Photos!

    We need your help more than ever.  Send us your photos so we can create a yearbook that tells the story of this year.  This is your opportunity to help us create the most inclusive yearbook we have ever published.  The yearbook staff maintains total creative and editorial control of all images and their use in the yearbook.

    What do we need? (Large file size please - school appropriate dress/location/props)


    Pandemic Pets- images of you and the pet you got during the pandemic.

    Students from the same Grade - Groups of Freshmen, Juniors or Sophomores

    Underclassmen - together or apart for our candid pages

    No Longer Accepting:  Masks, Now and Then, Summer Fun, Halloween, Spirit Days (These pages are published and can not be changed.)


    Photos may be schoology messaged or emailed to:


    (Please be sure to include your full name and topic in the subject line.)




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    Email questions to the Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Scumaci : pscumaci@clarenceschools.org

    Additional Yearbook Info:
    All accurate information regarding yearbooks is posted on this website.  Please do not spread false information, misleading information and rumors.  All questions should be directed to the yearbook advisor.  Additional yearbooks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis at the end of the school year. Several parents have reported issues related to Internet Explorer. Please use an alternate web browers if you experience technical issues while ordering a yearbook or Patron Ad.
    Organization Goals: To produce a positive record of the school year.
    Yearbook demands commitment. Mature, dedicated students with strong organizational skills should apply. Yearbook members need to be disciplined, well-organized leaders who have a good eye for detail and who have a flexible time schedule. Freshmen and Sophomores who are interested in photography, writing and design may apply to be on the yearbook staff.
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  • 2021 Photos Needed

    From all grades

    • Pandemic Pets
    • Favorite Treats while studying
    • Underclassmen from the same grade together or apart