• Unless otherwise noted in the description of the assignment, all writing assignments will be completed using the following format. Failure to do so will result in a 10% reduction in the score for that assignment.
    This format is used as it is the one most commonly accepted by colleges, universities, high school teachers, and publishers. If you get used to using it now, it becomes automatic, and you won't even need to worry about it. 
    All essays will be:
    • Typed
    • Font: Times New Roman (This font)
    • Font Size: 12 (This size)
    • Double Spaced - set this up before you type - if you are hitting enter at the end of every line, you are doing it wrong!
    All of the above can be set up easily before writing. If you do not know how to change these settings, see me, and I can teach you how in one minute or less!