• Social Studies, 2019-2020

    Mr. Dave Stillinger



    The Sixth Grade Social Studies Curriculum focuses on the study of early man, ancient cultures, and interactions. Our major units of study are as follows:

       *Geography Review & The Eastern Hemisphere

       *Early Humans

       *Early River Civilizations- Mesopotamia, China, India & Egypt

       *World Religions

       *Ancient Civilizations-China, Greece & Rome

       *Interactions across the Eastern Hemisphere

       *Mediterranean World- Feudal Western Europe, Byzantine Empire & Islamic Caliphates



    Students are expected to keep an orderly Social Studies binder. All papers are to be placed into the correct binder section as instructed, to keep them prepared for reviewing/studying.

    Grading and Evaluation

    Grades will be posted on Parent Portal as soon as possible; usually within 48 hours of the completion of the graded assignment or test.


    Each quarter, students will earn a “Prepared for Class” grade for non-graded homework assignments. This grade will be based on timely completion of assignments, as well as on being prepared for class with needed materials. Each student will begin each grading quarter with a grade of 20 points in this category. One point will be deducted daily from the “Prepared for Class” grade if the student does not have the assignment completed or with him/her at the beginning of class on the date it is due. This applies to materials as well; i.e. colored pencils, red correcting pen or pencil, etc.  Students are not permitted to leave class to return to their lockers for forgotten items once class has begun. The main purpose of the “Prepared for Class” grade is to help students learn responsibility.



    Homework is not assigned every day. On days homework is assigned, assignments are written on the homework board and on Schoology. Students are to write the assignments in their agendas upon entering the classroom every day. If a specific assignment is not given, students are encouraged to review material covered in class. Any assigned work is expected to be in class at the beginning of a class period. Assignments will be written in complete sentences, on loose-leaf paper, and labeled with the proper heading.  Block printing should be used on maps and charts. In the event that a homework sheet is given to each student in class to be completed at home, the student will be responsible for taking good care of that sheet, and returning it, completed, to school the next day.


    Current Events

    We will use Time for Kids magazines and various video clips in the classroom to support our discussion of current events.                                                   


    Tests and Quizzes

    With the exception of “pop” quizzes and in-class, graded assignments, students are given ample notice of an approaching test or quiz. Specific notes/review sheets will be provided.
    Tests are kept in the classroom in order to help students organize materials for the cumulative final exam.



    Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. You may reach me by phone at (716) 407-9210, ext. 2621, or via e-mail at dstillinger@clarenceschools.org. During the school day, while I’m teaching, you may leave me a voicemail message. I will return your call or e-mail as soon as I’m able.