• Readers' Workshop
    What is Readers' Workshop? 
     Soon  your kindergartener will be coming home saying, We had 'Reader's Workshop' today! What do they mean you might ask? Reader's Workshop is a highly successful approach to reading based on the belief that children need time independently reading books each day to become successful readers. The approach also fosters choice for children in the books they read and the correct selection of the books. The format of the workshop looks like this:

    Mini Lesson: This is the opening of the workshop where I am using a read aloud to explain how readers figure out words or comprehend text. The children have a practice at the skill we are talking about right here in the lesson before the independent reading time. The lesson concludes with suggestion to do this all the time when you are reading.

    Independent Time: The children will be found in spots they have chosen all over the room and you will see a book box with them. In the box is their Poetry Notebook that we read together, class made books and books they have chosen from the book bins and classroom library.

    Choice Time: After the independent reading 'warm-up' children have the opportunity to use writing materials to response to what they have read, read with a partner, use the listening station or computer. During this time I am circulating and instructing one on one and in small groups based on needs.

    Share Time:To conclude the workshop we all gather back on the rug and discuss good habits that the children have used in their reading focusing on the strategy from the mini lesson of that day.