• Many parents and children are excited & nervous all at once when they think about starting Kindergarten! While it is a big adjustment, most children love the new experiences & settle into a new routine very quickly. Here are some things you can do to ease the transition for yourself and your child:

    During the Summer          sun

    1.   Keep your child socializing!  Attend story time at the library, craft sessions at the park, play dates, etc.  Your child will benefit from the extra practice with listening, following directions, taking turns, and making new friends.

    2. Practice tying shoes and dressing/undressing (to use the bathroom, put on coats, etc.) independently.

    3. A few weeks before school starts, gradually start putting your child to bed earlier and getting him/her up earlier until you are operating on the same schedule you will need to follow in September.

    4. Also a few weeks before school starts, pack your child's lunch a few days a week as you would for school!  Even if you still eat in your own kitchen, this gives you a chance to teach your child how to open containers, how to use the lid or a napkin as a plate (so they won't put food directly on a cafeteria table), and allows you both to find out what kinds of "lunch box food" he or she likes.

    5. Have your child learn how to print his or her name correctly and from memory.  (Only the first letter is CAPITALIZED)

    6. Once you receive the school supply list, try to gather ALL the needed items in time to drop them off during the August visit day.

    7. Have your child practice how to open/close and put things into their folder and backpack.

    8. Read some stories about starting school and talk with your child about how he or she feels about it.  Let them know that it's OK to be nervous, but reassure them that you know they will have fun, learn a lot, and make new friends.  Let them know that their teachers are there to help!

    The First Day                   bus

    • My advice is to have your child take the bus!  It is often very hard for children to separate from parents once they enter the school building. If your child does not have a big brother or sister at Ledgeview, try asking an older child on the street to be your child's bus buddy for a few days. Your child will have a 5th grader as a bus buddy to help him or her locate the correct bus at the end of the day.
    • Please pack a lunch and drink for your child or send in lunch money. Prepaying for lunch is also an option.
    • Your child should also bring a healthy snack each day. 

    In September:

    • If you need to contact me - call, send a note, or email! If you do send a note for any reason, be sure to put it in your child's take home folder.
    • Be sure to get your child to school on time each and every day - by 8:00 is best.
    • Don't forget a healthy breakfast.
    • Pack a healthy lunch and snack.
    • Check your child's folder each day and go over his/her work together. Ask your child to tell you about the work and offer praise and encouragement for working hard. My weekly newsletters will let you know some of our daily activities so you can ask some questions if your child is not very talkative.
    • Send your child dressed in sneakers daily as we will have Physical Education and/or movement time in the gym as well as playtime each day.