• Classroom Information

    Reading:  Each night students will bring home a book from our classroom.  They should be able to read this book independently.  They can read to themselves, to you or with you.  After they read their book, please fill out the green tag log located in their B.E.E. folder.  They return these books the next day and select a new one.  If they do not have time to read, they keep their book in the folder and read it the next night.  Please feel free to jot me a quick note if you feel the books they are bringing home are too difficult or too easy.  

    Sight words:  Sight words are located in their B.E.E. folders.  Please review them with your child.  They should know these words automatically.  

    Math:  Each new math lesson has a math homework paper that goes with it.  Your child should complete both sides and return the worksheet the next day.  Please check your child's work when they complete it.  You may need to read some of the problems for them.  If your child is having a challenging time with their homework please write a note on the homework paper.  This lets me know I need to sit with them to review it.  Mrs. Kaufman or I will go over the work with them.  I usually don't send math homework home on Fridays.  We try to get the math homework done in class on Fridays.  I also don't send math homework home on days we have a chapter test.  

    Websites I have linked to this page are great ways to practice skills and read books at home.