Homework Planners/Agendas:  Third graders will be given a homework planner/agenda in which they are to record their daily assignments.  All assignments are announced in class and written on the homework board. Under careful guidance of the adults in the classroom, each child is expected to independently fill out his/her individual homework planner. This will help them stay organized and always have everything they need. Planners will be checked daily to be sure that the children are filling them out properly. Parents are expected to check and sign planners each night.

    Children should expect to have daily homework assignments. All assignments must be completed at home and returned to school the next day. Any child who is unprepared for school will have to fill out a 'missing homework' form, indicating the date, assignment, and reason for being unprepared.  Once a child acquires a homework form, parents must sign and return the form to school. The missing assignment must be completed and returned the next school day.  It is my hope that this will encourage each child to take responsibility for completing all assignments on time. 

    Homework is usually not given on Fridays, with the exception of getting a test or two signed or working on extended projects.  Math and Spelling assignments are consistently given Monday through Thursday. All projects, tests, and quizzes are announced at least one week before they are given. Parents are asked to sign and return all tests, quizzes, and other important documents.

    Homework should not take longer than 30-40 minutes. If your child seems to be struggling with an assignment, feel free to try to help them, but please do not do it for them. Within a problem or two, they should be able to understand the skill and complete the rest of the assignment with minimal assistance. I'd rather have them bring it back to school and ask for help, instead of handing it in and getting it all correct because they had extensive help from home. (I need to know if and when they are struggling.)

    If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.