• K-5 Food Allergies

    Each year the number of students with serious allergies and strict dietary restriction continues to grow in elementary schools across the country.  Schools are responsible for working diligently to place the children’s safety and good health on the forefront each day.  Last year, with this serious responsibility in mind, the Clarence Elementary Schools implemented a protocol with guidelines regarding classroom celebrations such as birthdays, holiday parties and special classroom events.

                District – Wide Classroom Guidelines

    1. No unwrapped bulk, unlabeled, or home baked items may be sent into classrooms.
    2. Any food item that is brought into the classroom for celebrating and sharing must have the specific ingredient label on the package.
    3. As in the past, students are not allowed to share with or purchase food items for other students during lunch and snack time. Sharing, trading, touching of other classmates’ food is strictly forbidden.
    4. Each building will continue to provide nut-free cafeteria tables as well as communicate with parents of any classroom allergies.
    5. In an effort to assist parents and teachers with safe food choices, the website, SnackSafely.com, lists numerous choices that are available in local stores.

    We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in advance.  Please be advised, no exceptions will be made – no unwrapped bulk, unlabeled, or home baked items will be allowed in the classroom for celebrations.  Any items that are not packaged or properly labeled will be returned home.

    Thank you for your attention and support regarding this very important matter.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact the school nurse or building principal.

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