Snacks And Birthdays




    Dear Parents:

    There are few things I want to make you aware of as we start our fifth grade year together. First, feel free to contact me at any time. You can reach me through my school e-mail or the front office via the school phone number. If you need to tell me something of an urgent nature, please call the office first thing in the morning even if you left a late night e-mail message which I might not see. Know that I always appreciate hearing from you and take your comments and concerns seriously.

    In terms of snacks in the class room, it is very important that you follow the district guidelines for snacks. Please do not send in snacks that contain nuts of any type or have been processed in a factory where there are nuts. Keep in mind that snacks must be easy to consume as we do not have spoons or forks in the classroom. I also request that students bring in a water bottle that is relatively spill proof. Drinking water throughout the day will help the children stay hydrated, but please put only water in the bottles.

    Finally, I ask if you would like our class to recognize your child’s birthday in school have your child bring in an item which is important to them to share with the class, or purchase birthday treats through the lunch room which will be served at lunch time. The choice to celebrate a birthday at school is totally up to you.

    I appreciate your cooperation with these matters and look forward to working with you though out the school year.


    Mrs. Haas