• Classroom Information
    1st Grade  

    This year is going to be filled with fun, learning and adventure for your child.  Here is some important information which will help you and your child through the school year. 

     Special Class Schedule:

    Monday:           Phys. Ed. 12:45-1:30*

    Tuesday:          Art 12:45-1:30/Fitness 1:50-2:20

    Wednesday:     Library 12:45-1:30**                   

    Thursday:       Music 12:45-1:30

    Friday:            Phys. Ed 12:45-1:30*



    *Please have your child wear SNEAKERS on Phys. Ed and Fitness Days. 

    There will not be time to change shoes during the day so I am asking that your child come to school in appropriate Phys. Ed. shoes.   Please remember no sandals and flip flops are allowed on the playgrounds during recess as well.

    **During library, your child will be allowed to sign out two books.  One book will stay in his/her desk, one will come home.  Please make sure this book is returned promptly (the day before library class - Tuesday). 


    Attendance will be taken promptly at 8:05 every morning.  Children will be marked tardy if not present at this time.  If you are driving your child daily, please drop your child to school by 7:55 a.m.  (Bus riders are released into the classrooms at 7:55 a.m. therefore they have approx. 10 min. to complete morning activities before attendance is taken.  Dropping your child off by 7:55 a.m. will give them enough time to prepare for their day and not be rushed.  Thank you for your help!


    Our lunch break is from 11:20 - 11:50.  We will have snack time everyday.  Please send in ONE healthy snack daily for your child.  Please no cookies, candy or chocolate snacks.  Some snack suggestions are:  crackers, cheese, fruit, veggies, dry cereal, popcorn, etc.  Your child may also bring a drink for snack time.  Please make this a small snack as we will only have snack time for approx. 10min. per day.  

     I try to keep extra snacks in the classroom just in case children forget their snacks.  If you would like to donate a box of Snacks for the classroom, please feel free to send it in at your convenience.  It is greatly appreciated! (Examples: Goldfish crackers, Pretzels, Fruit Snacks…etc)

     Your child may also keep a water bottle in the classroom.  Please label your child’s water bottle with his/her name. Please send a water bottle with a straw top/sip top.  Please do not send water bottles where the top has to be removed completely in order to drink.  I’d like to try to prevent those really big spills.  Thank you so much!  


    There will be homework most nights in first grade.  Worksheets may come home to reinforce/practice skills being reviewed/taught in the classroom. There will be nightly Math homework and reading.  


    In the beginning of the year, math homework will need parent direction and support, it may seem challenging, but the skills continue to repeat for practice and mastery by the end of the year.


     It is proven that nightly reading increases decoding and fluency skills in a child.  This 10 min. of reading per night is homework.  By the beginning of October, one book will come home in the Book Pocket inside your child's BEE Folder.  Please make sure your child returns his/her book inside their book pocket and fills out the reading log with your assistance nightly.  You will also find two sight word baggies in this pocket; one for This Week’s Words and one for All Grade 1 Sight Words.   Please practice these words with your child.  Please leave the sight word cards inside this pocket.  They will get new cards each Monday and be tested on those words on Friday.  I have also included a list of all grade one sight words in your child’s book pocket. 


     We all have family situations that arise, if your child does not get to his/her homework due to an unforeseen circumstance, please jot me a note.  It is sincerely appreciated! Children who have a note will be given another day to complete his/her homework. A homework slip will come home with your child.  Please have your child return the missing homework as soon as possible.  Also, please let me know if your child is having trouble with any homework.  Homework should not be a family struggle and we can work on that together.


     Birthday Treats: 

    Birthdays are such important days in the life of a first grader so we will definitley celebrate this special day in school.  This year you have the option to bring in a treat or choose an alternate option.  Please see the attached birthday celebrations sheet.  You will need to save this and return it to me the week before your child's birthday. 

    Classroom Technology:

    We are so excited to have iPads available for our daily use in first grade.  At this time we are asking all children to bring in their own set of Headphones.  After using them for a few years, I’m recommending a set of headphones.  Due to the age of the children, many of them did not like the fit of the earbuds and would rather use headphones.  They do not have to be expensive, just any set of headphones with a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) mini plug will work fine for listening to audio.  Please try these out with your child before sending to school.  Please send these headphones in by Monday, Sept.9th.  Please label your child’s headphones with their name.  Thank you!



     Take Home Folder/B.E.E. Folder:

    Your child is bringing home their Take Home Folder today, we will call this folder their B.E.E. folder which stands for Bring Everything Everyday.  Please see the sheet that came home with this Welcome packet that gives more details about this folder.  This folder should always stay in your child's backpack.  Please help them check this every day.  

     Our First Grade Leader Board/Classroom Behavior System:

    This year we have 16 students in our classroom.  At times a quick management tool is needed.  In our classroom we use the Our First Grde Leader Board.  All kids start their day on Green - ready to learn and will move a clip up and down the Leader Board according to their individual behaviors.  Please see the sheet that came home explaing our classroom behavior system. Please review it with your child and have them sign and return the slip by Friday, Sept. 6th.  Just a reminder: Please initial the Behavior calendar nightly in the back of the BEE Folder.  


    A weekly first grade news will be sent home every Friday.  It will notify you of the following week’s activities, curriculum being covered, and any items which we may ask you to send in to help your child’s learning experience be successful.  Please keep this newsletter in the pocket with the class list inside your child’s BEE folder.  That way it is easily accessible and you and your child can review it daily. 

     Email/Phone Calls:

    You may e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.  My email is kcastiglione@clarenceschools.org . I attempt to check my e-mail daily during the school day.  Please note my planning period is not until the afternoon.  Please call me with immediate concerns.  You can reach me at 407-9150 x3203

     Remind 101:

    I will be using the Remind 101 App to send important reminders and pictures of the kids throughout the year directly to your phone.  You may join oyur class group by texting @mrscsfabu to the number 81010


    Our classroom web-site contains general information about first grade.  You may log onto www.clarenceschools.org and visit our classroom web-site.    Steps for finding this page:

    1.     Log onto website.

    2.     Click Schools

    3.     Click Clarence Center

    4.     Click Academics

    5.     Find Teacher Web Pages and click Kimberly Castiglione


     I’m looking forward to meeting you and to working with you to help your child have a wonderful, successful year in first grade.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at anytime. 

    See you at Open House!


    Your partner in education,                 

    Mrs. Castiglione



    *Your child is bringing home an emergency card.  Please fill out both sides and return it by Friday Sept.6th.


    **Please fill out the attached release information sheet, parent observation sheet, and the bottom of the First Grade Leader Board Sheet and return them by Friday, Sept. 6th.  I would like to send home a class list by next week.  

    ****If you haven’t sent a picture of your child, please do so as soon as possible.