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    Lesson Information 

    Lessons occur once per week for 30 minutes. Students are assigned a lesson group with students that play similar instruments. Lessons typically occur on the same day of the week. (If a student has a lesson on Monday, his/her lesson will always be on Mondays.) The lesson time will rotate throughout that day in order to prevent students from missing the same instructional information. A schedule will be sent home at the end of September and also will be posted on Schoology. 


    Students Should Follow these Procedures:

    Playing It Safe!


    Students taking lessons will need to bring the following materials: 

     1. Instrument

     2. Reeds/Mouthpiece/Sticks

     3. Lesson Folder (given to students at their first lesson) with completed Practice Chart

     4. Instrument Method Book* 

     5. Instrument Specific Supplies: (i.e. Valve Oil, Slide Grease, Spray Bottle, Reed Case)

     6. Pencil 

    7. Mask

    8. Lanyard- To hold mask when you aren't playing


    *Woodwind & Brass Playes: Breeze Easy Book 1 (Book 2- when they have advanced)   Percussion: Alfred Drum Method

    Percussion: You do not need to bring your drum pad. 

    Lesson Expectations: Students are expected to come prepared for their lessons. The best way to prepare is through consistent and quality practice. Taking time to play through notes and correct rhythms is important. Students should strive to spend time everyday on Warm Up Exercises, Scales, Etudes, and Band Music. They should bring all materials that are listed above and be on time.