• Clarence HS LMC Expectations and Procedures


    Be Responsible:

    • Control your own actions.
    • Balance your own emotions.
    • Do your own work.
    • Manage your time effectively.

    Be Respectful:

    • Consider the needs of other people.
    • Be aware of the time people need to complete tasks.
    • Accept the talents, beliefs, and differences of other people.
    • Ask before touching other people’s belongings.
    • Create an atmosphere conducive to study.

    Be Productive

    • Work independently and/or collaboratively
    • Do school work.
    • Read.
    • Learn.
    • Help without disturbing others.
    • Work toward your future goals.



    • Students come directly to the LMC. Do NOT report to study hall.
    • Sign-in to the library on the Chromebooks and complete the Google Form.
    • Come prepared with work to do.
    • Work quietly and adhere to LMC expectations.
      • 4 students allowed at the rectangle tables
      • 2 students allowed at the round tables
    • A maximum of 35 students will be allowed into the library during study hall.
    • To use the library during your lunch period:
      • Students sign-in on the Chromebooks and write your name on Blue Lunch Sheet BEFORE going to the cafeteria.
      • Students wishing to eat lunch need a Blue LMC pass to enter the cafe and return in the LMC.
      • Students who want to work instead of going to lunch stay in the LMC.
    • All food must remain outside of the library. Water bottles are allowed.
    • Cell phones and personal devices are allowed in the library:
      • Do not text, use social media or play games.
      • Students can listen to music while working independently.

    Students not meeting the expections of the LMC will be sent back to study hall

    and will lose the privilege of using the LMC.