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    Tips for Anxiety Coaches

    1. Do not reassure someone who is anxious or has OCD. Validate their uncomfortable feelings and help them to tolerate them without solving the problem.

    2. Remember that panic and anxiety are normal bodily reactions and are not harmful.

    3. Be a cheerleader! Convince them that they can tolerate the anxiety feelings or OCD thoughts without doing anything to feel better. You know, and they will learn that the anxiety will eventually decrease.

    4. Challenge him/her to feel worse. If they can look at a spider, can they also touch the spider?

    5. Help them to change the emotion-anger, frustration, resistance all give anxiety power. Laughter can deflate it?

    6. Teach your anxious person to rate their anxiety level from 0-10. (10 is panic attack, and 0 is a breeze).

    7. Have your anxious person stay with this feeling until their anxiety decreases by 50% then challenge them to feel worse and tolerate it some more.

    8. Do not be an enabler or allow the anxiety to rope you in with whatever the trigger topic is for your anxious person. Say, "I know this is the anxiety (or OCD) talking, not you."

    9. Expect and allow the anxiety or OCD to re-appear. The goal is not to get rid of anxious feelings. The goal is to live a good life and accept that anxiety will come and go.

    10. Reward hard work! (use small gifts for young children and lots of verbal praise for older children, get creative with adults)