• How we spend our days...

    Kindergarten is a very important year for your little one.  We will be very busy each day learning life skills such as good work habits, making good choices, being responsible and socializing appropriately with peers. 

    Our class participates in these activities on most days:

    1.     Relax and Read.   After the children arrive and put away their belongings, they enjoy time to explore the classroom books and poems with friends.  

    2.     Calendar.   We meet together to discuss today's date, weather, and schedule.  

    3.     Morning Message.   The children and I work together to read a message I have written for them.  This gives us many opportunities to learn about reading and writing, and often poses an interesting question or tells about a fun activity for the day.  

    4.    RTI - Intervention Block - Children are able to review skills already taught or may receive enrichment during this block of time from various interventionists as well as classroom teachers.
    5.     Readers' Workshop.  The children participate in a mini-lesson, enjoy time to independently read books at their own reading level, and then a class sharing time.
    6.      Writers' Workshop.  The children participate in a mini-lesson, enjoy time to independently write stories based on personal interests or on a genre we are learning about. 
    7.     Lunch at 11:05 - 11:35

    8.     Rest time.   The children relax and listen to music on their rest rugs.  (after a few weeks, we phase out rest time)       
    9.     Math.   Students will use enVisionmath 2.0 as well as other materials help meet the common core standards.

    10.   Whole class lessons.   Most days include time for one whole class lesson related to Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts and another time devoted to listening, phonemic awareness, and reading skills. 
    11.    Specials Classes (PE, Music, Art, Library)

    12. Snack time.   Please pack a healthy snack each day.  Remember to let your child know where you are putting his/her snack each day.  

    13.   Recess.   The children are able to explore the toys, manipulatives, paints, blocks, puppets, etc -.

    14.   Pack - up.

    15.   Story.   We incorporate read alouds throughout the day.