• Please read this entire page carefully. There is a lot of important information here.
    WINTER SPORTS ARE BACK!! Registration is now open for the following sports:
    High Risk Winter Sports Feb. 1-March 27
    Boys and Girls Basketball
    Boys Ice Hockey
    Girls Ice Hockey
    Section VI and ECIC have announced the following schedules for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year:
    Fall II  March 22-May 15
    Spring   May 10-June 30
    Boys Tennis
    Registration for these sports will open approximately 30 days prior to the start of the season.
    Any Player that has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to bring proof of medical clearance to participate in sports. Click the link below for more information.
    The statement below is from the 1/25 Erie County Dept. of Health press release. Click the link to read the entire release.
    • For moderate- and higher-risk sports, if an athlete or coach has a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test, all in-person team or group activities (e.g., practices, scrimmages, games, meetings) will be cancelled for a 10-day period.
    Even though the Erie County Dept. of Health has approved 2 spectators per player, Section VI as the governing body of ECIC, has ruled that NO SPECTATORS will be permitted for the indoor winter season.
    APP info- 7th & 8th graders who have registered for the APP test for the remaining unplayed winter sports will be conatcted shortly to re-schedule. 

    The Athletic registration forms have been updated to include COVID-19 health related questions required by NYS Department of Health. Powerschool has been reconfigured to accommodate this change and all previous registrations have been removed. Registration for remaining winter sports is now open. 

    Use the following link to re-register using the Parent Portal when registration re-opens:


    Any athlete who has tested positive for COVID 19 MUST get clearance from their doctor in order to participate on an athletic team. 

    All winter Athletes will need to have a current physical on file at the Health Office