• Kindergarten is an exciting, yet sometimes scary, milestone for children and parents.  Below are a few things you can do with your child to get ready for the upcoming school year.


    Building Early Literacy/Numeracy

    • Alphabet - Practice identifying letters (upper and lower case) and ask your child to name their sounds.  Sing and SAY the alphabet song.  Match upper to lower case letters. These are important foundations for reading.  You can do this while driving in the car or out in the world.  Put some foamy shaving cream in the bathtub.  Give your child a letter or a sound to write in the foam.  Keep learning light and fun!
    • Numbers - Count everything!  Fruit snacks for dessert?  Open the pouch and practice counting them out loud.  As one is consumed, ask things like, "How many do you have now?"  At the grocery store?  Look at signs.  Play "I Spy..." with numbers (or letters).  
    • Rhyming - Find ways to ask your child about rhyming words that they hear in songs and books.
    • Read to your child every day!  Ask him/her to point to the words or letters and track print as you read the stories.  
    • Ask your child to practice writing his/her name and identifying his/her last name.  Remind him/her that only the first letter is capitalized.

    Motor Skills and Socialization

    • Fine Motor Skills - Practice holding a pencil, coloring, cutting with scissors, and shoe-tying.
    • Directions - Provide opportunities for your child to learn to follow two-step instructions.  For example, "Please go get your shoes and put them on."
    • Use good manners: "Please" and "Thank you" go a long way in the world!
    • Social Skills - Talk about sharing, taking turns, positive words, and handling anger.

    Building Independence

    • Self Care - Encourage your child to take responsibility by dressing and cleaning up after him or herself.  Encourage your child's independence in completing daily tasks.
    • Eating/Containers - One of the more challenging things your child will need to manage is the 30 minutes he or she has for lunchtime!  Ask your child to practice opening his/her containers.  If he or she is unable to do it independently at home, it is unlikely he/she will be able to do it at school.  Find packaging and containers that are developmentally appropriate for your child to manipulate on his/her own.  Have conversations about the order in which he/she should eat the food in his/her lunchbox, what to do with uneaten food, and which containers should be brought back home.

    First Week Info

    • Try to get into the routines of kindergarten a few days before school starts.  Practice waking up earlier and stick to a "school schedule" to help ease your child's transition to his/her school day.
    • Please make every effort to be in school on time every day.  Students may come to the classroom at 7:55.  Our day begins at 8:10.  Ideally, your child should arrive no later than 8:00 so he/she has enough time for morning routines before announcements begin.
    • Plan to bring all school supplies to Kindergarten Orientation.  Put them in a reusable shopping bag labeled with your child's name.  The supplies are shared, but the bag will be kept and used throughout the year to transport different projects and more.
    • Make sure to talk to your child about transportation.  Bus?  Pick up?  After school?  Make sure your son or daughter is aware of the daily dismissal arrangements.
    • If your child is buying a lunch, please let him/her know about the options before coming to school.  It will help in the decision-making process in the morning.
    • Please pack a healthy, clean snack daily.  Lunch should be packed or is available for purchase in our cafeteria.  Please prepay, if possible, to avoid daily monetary transactions.
    • Sneakers should be worn daily to allow for movement during Physical Education and throughout the day.
    • Check your child's red take-home folder daily.  There are many important pieces of information that come home, as well as your child's work to be discussed and celebrated!