Classroom Information

  •     School kids


    • finding books a child likes
    • develop stamina to read for up to 20 minutes independently
    • develop fluency
    • use strategies to determine words
    • apply comprehension strategies for both fiction and non-fiction texts




    • explain answers in math
    • write using complete sentences with capitalization and punctuation
    • compose small moment stories, informational writing , opinion writing and books in a series




    • learning letter sounds, blends, digraphs and sight words
    • accurate spelling of sight words and simple CVC words (letter formation will be addressed in word study)
    • multi sensory opportunities to cement the relationship between sounds and letters 


    • Addition and Subtraction-concepts and problem solving 
    • Number Sense
    • Measurement
    • Surveys, Data and Representations
    • Fractions
    • Place Value
    • Time
    • Geometry
    • Math Fluency
    • Money


         Social Studies

    • Citizenship
    • Self
    • Families
    • My community
    • Needs and wants



    • Sky Patterns - learning cylces of day and night by observing the sun and shadows
    • A Bunny's Life - physical and behavioral characteristics that help a bunny survive
    • Waves: Light and Sound - students will be expected to understand the relationship between sound and vibrating materials as well as between the availability of light and the ability to see objects