• How do I continue playing my instrument in the Quarantine of 2020?

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    Good Question!  I'm working on the solution.  If students check their email john.doe@students.clarenceschools.org they will see an invite to my Google Classroom.  OR go to Google Classroom, sign in with your school email and password and you should see my invite.  There are enough videos up at the moment for you to have something to play. More will be added every day.

    Beginners will get instruction video just like we do in class, I'll start with Lightly Row and work forward.  Those of you well past Lightly Row, keep reviewing and I'll get up to speed as I get better with this technology.

    5th graders, I've invited you as well and begun with Tonalization.  Memorize this and shoot a video to send back to me.  I will get my Orchestra pieces from Clarence Center and create play-along videos.  I'll also begin working in the Essential Elements Books.  

    Email me with lesson requests. I'm using Google Meet and Facetime as a back up.  I can't schedule everyone a private lesson every week but I will certainly try.  

    Remember all the things I've taught you about bow hold and posture.  You will have to self-police and won't have me nagging you.

    More to say soon, take care and be kind.  We're all in this together.


    Mr. Ieda

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  • Class Codes for Google Classroom

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    Mr. Ieda's Google ClassroomGrade 5 qzdh7rl

    Grade 4 Bass ylgcvga

    Grade 4 cello qtkxf21

    Grade 4 viola 7pweys6

    Grade 4 violin 7shc37r

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