• Third Grade Classroom Information

    Readers' Workshop

    • Includes mini-lessons, independent reading, guided reading, book clubs, conferring and at home reading
    • Emphasizes skills and strategies in the areas of comprehension, decoding and fluency
    • Promotes a love of literature through reading a variety of genres

    Writers' Workshop

    • Main focus will be on narrative, persuasive and informational writing, with an emphasis on paragraph writing and responding to text using text-based evidence
    • Use of proper grammar and writing conventions


    • Explore weather and climate, structures and simple machines 


    • Learn about body systems, dental health and making healthy choices

    Social Studies

    • Read and interpret maps and globes
    • Study how places are similar and different including the geography, government, economy, and culture
    • Focus on world communities including the United States, Brazil, and China 


    • Units of study include multiplication, division, place value, addition, subtraction, fractions, algebra, measurement, geometry and graphing
    • Demonstrate fluency of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts 
    • Use a variety of problem solving strategies
    • Incorporate math vocabulary in written and oral explanations