• Guidelines for the Week of April 6 -April 10

    Hello Families,

    Here are this week’s suggested assignments. I’m trying to send assignments that mirror what I would be teaching in class. I am so impressed when I see what you have already been doing. Keep doing the best that you can. I have streamlined the math assignments and hope that it is less confusing. Feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions, concerns, or good news! I appreciate all of your efforts. You are amazing!

                                                                                        Stay healthy and happy,

                                                                                        Julie Knubbert




    At least one Raz Kids story with the quiz. Please remember to fix the questions you get wrong.

     Many of you have had trouble on your quizzes with certain concepts. This week we will use IXL to look at Real vs. Fiction and Main Idea.


    Log in to the ELA section of IXL.

     How to:

    Sign in to IXL

    Select Learning from the green bar tab. 

    Choose Language Arts from the drop down menu. 

    Choose First Grade


    T1: Reality vs. Fiction

     U1: Main Idea


    I have decided NOT to assign leveled books on Epic. I love that you are just enjoying different books! Have fun reading! 😊


    Log in to the ELA section of IXL.


    How to:

    Sign in to IXL

    Select Learning from the green bar tab. 

    Choose Language Arts from the drop down menu. 

    Choose First Grade


    F1 and F2: Initial blends





    Hopefully you are working on Topic 12. If not, try to complete 12-1 through 12-5 this week.

     I have streamlined the assignments for Topic 12. I hope it is more user friendly.

     Recommended order of lessons:

    1. Visual Learning
    3. If the interactive pages are too challenging, use the pages that I sent home or print from the link below.


    Monday: Practice measuring things at home for fun! Choose something to measure with that you already have been using like pennies, Legos, or paperclips. Practice measuring the length and height of different things at your house! Remember to put the objects end to end to get a true measurement. Draw pictures and write the length and/or height next to the picture.


    Tuesday: Online Topic 12 Reteach If the online piece is too challenging, either use the copy I sent home or print out the extra practice page from the link below.




    Wednesday: Online Topic 12 Assessment

    Make sure to have kids scroll and make sure they answer all parts please!


    Thursday and Friday: If you didn’t get to it, IXL support for this topic is: P2, P7, P8, P9, P11 and for a CHALLENGE: P12 & P13.


    You can also spend some time on Reflex to practice your facts!



    We will be editing our Opinion Writing!

    Go to the Epic site or app. Our class code is vsb3841. 

    I have assigned and editing video to watch.


    Choose your BEST piece to edit. Don’t forget:


    • I put spaces between my words
    • I use capital letters and punctuation
    • I spell sight words
    • I spell tricky words the best I can
    • I can read my writing and someone in my house can too


    After you edit your work, draw detailed pictures to match your writing. I hope you will email me your best work!


    Keep up the awesome work everybody! I miss you!


                                                                                      Miss Knubbert