• Guidelines for the Week of April 13-17, 2020

    Hello Families,

    Here are the possible activities for the coming week. There is a lot of choice built in, so it is a lengthy one! This will be a catch up and review week to give you all a chance to work on the things that your child needs to focus on. It was slated to be our Spring Break, so please give yourself permission to TAKE A BREAK! There will be no Google Meeting this week. Our next meeting will be Monday, April 20th at 9:30. I will send the link 10-15 minutes beforehand. Feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions, concerns, or good news! I appreciate all your efforts. You are all doing a terrific job!

                                                                                        Stay healthy and happy,

                                                                                        Julie Knubbert


    Reading – 20-30 minutes per day

    You are welcome to continue using Raz kids and Epic, however, I found this fun site that you can use instead for this week.


    Type this in your browser or try clicking the link: www.Scholastic.com/learnathome


    This website has a lot of really great books and activities. The books are set up with a fiction story paired with non-fiction.

    First – click on the box that says grades 1 and 2

    Next – click on Week 1 (or 2 or any you choose)

    Then – find a day that interest you! And hit the Take Me There! Link – this opens a new page in your browser for Bookflix

    Each day has a read aloud (fiction) and a matched topic read along (non-fiction)

    On the left is a menu for Watch the Story (fiction), Read the story (nonfiction), Puzzlers (questions and games that go with the stories after reading) and Dive Deeper (for those that want to explore more on the topic).

    Back on the original week/day you chose to explore are links at the bottom for Video and Do the Activity. These provide more options for fun things that go along with the topic.

    NOTE: While on Bookflix kids can hit the home button and explore MANY other fiction/nonfiction pairs of books😊



    If you need to catch up on IXL, here are some of the sections you can focus on for specific skills.


    Log in to the ELA section of IXL.


    How to:

    Sign in to IXL

    Select Learning from the green bar tab. 

    Choose Language Arts from the drop down menu. 

    Choose First Grade



    T1: Reality vs. Fiction

    U1: Main Idea

    Phonics:  Again, you are catching up on sections your child may not have completed.

    Log in to the ELA section of IXL.


    How to:

    Sign in to IXL

    Select Learning from the green bar tab. 

    Choose Language Arts from the drop down menu. 

    Choose First Grade


    Review :

    F.1-F.4 and F.6 - blends

    S.1 – sight word review




    Hopefully you have completed Topics 11 and 12 - including the online assessments.

     Recommended order of lessons:

    1. Visual Learning
    3. If the interactive pages are too challenging, use the pages that I sent home or print from the link below.


    To review any math pages your child might need to practice, you can click the link for printable practice pages.  Look at the topic list to see what your child may need to review.



    IXL that match with topics 11 and 12 for review are:


    I.3, J.8 and 9

    P2, P7, P8, P9, P11 and for a CHALLENGE: P12 & P13.


    You can also spend some time on Reflex to practice your facts!



    Feel free to write more opinion pieces and revisit the EPIC videos that were already assigned.

    Epic password is vsb3841. 



    Other ideas to break up the week:

    • watch a live zoo cam and write and draw about an animal you watch
    • complete the writing activity that matches the books on Scholastic.com/learnathome






    Special Areas- check out the activities for each of the special area teachers or Mrs. Kelley’s speech page.






    Mrs. Gregor (library):

    Don’t forget to checkout Mrs. Gregor’s Library Website! https://www.clarenceschools.org/domain/751 You can complete weekly library activities and watch Mrs. Gregor read to her dog, Beesly.


    Mrs. Kelley (speech)

    Hello Ledgeview Families! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! During this crazy time, please let me know if you would like any additional activities to help your child work on their speech and language skills. I am more than happy to help as best as I can! Feel free to contact me at mkelley@clarenceschools.org if you need anything. Have a good week!


    Mr. Grabowski (phys. ed.):

    Mr. Grabowski says hello! Please check his Teacher Web Page for messages, ideas for exercise, skills development, and play at home.


    Mrs. Stevens (phys. ed.):

    Posted physical activities can be found on Mrs. Stevens’s teacher webpage: https://www.clarenceschools.org/Domain/755

    New posts will be added daily including video tutorials for skill related activities, daily exercise challenges, and wiggle sessions! Most Wednesdays Mrs. Stevens will hold a LIVE Wake Up & Wiggle session on Google Meet. Check the website for the times and link to join! Stay active and healthy friends 😊



    Mr. Denecke (vocal music):

    Check out my webpage: 




    Mrs. Greene (art):

    Posted art activities can be found on Mrs. Greene’s teacher webpage: https://www.clarenceschools.org/Domain/340

    Weekly art activities are designed to build your child’s skill sets, with materials you have at home J Please feel free to contact Mrs. Greene if you have any questions.


    Mrs. Stachiewicz (school psychologist):

    Please see attached letter link


    Mrs. Olczak (OT):

    Please see attached letter  link


    Mr. Modelmeyer (Clarence Schools Family Support Center)

    Please see attached letter link



    Keep up the awesome work everybody! I miss you!


                                                                                      Miss Knubbert