• Classroom Information

    Dear Parents, 

    I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to teach your child. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


    Our Classroom Community
    During the first week of school, our class works together to develop a short list of rules that all students agree to follow. If students are following our class rules and Classroom Contract, they will be able to earn Miller's Marvelous Madness tickets throughout each month. At the end of the month, their tickets will be entered into a drawing to earn prizes.If a student chooses to not follow our rules and Classroom Responsibilities Contract, they will fill out a"I Need To Get Back On Track" form, explaining to their parents what happened. This form will need to be signed and returned the following school day. If need be, I will contact the parents instead of sending home the form.


    Assignment Pads

    Your child will fill in their assignment pad daily. Please check it each afternoon to help ensure they are completing all of their homework. I ask that a parent signs under each day so your child and I know that you have seen their assignment pad and are checking in. Please do NOT write notes to me in your child's assignment pad because I do not check them daily. If you need to send me a note, please write it on separate paper and put it in their take-home folder. Assignment pads are very important and a way for you to know what is going on. Being able to properly fill in an assignment pad is a very important job for a student to learn to do independently. 



    Please provide your child with one nutritious snack everyday. I do allow water bottles to be kept at your child’s desk. I ask that they have a spill-proof top and not a screw cap. 


    Missed School

    If your child is sick or has an appointment and is absent from school, we will keep a "We Missed You" sheet to record the schoolwork they missed. If you would like their work left in the office please give me sufficient notice and pick it up at the end of the school day. Students need to make up the work they missed as soon as possible.


    Book Orders

    I will send home book orders at different times throughout the year. Please check your child's assignment pad to find out when they are due. You can place your order on-line or send me a check (no cash).

    BirthdaysBirthday Cake

    I would love to have your child celebrate their birthday with our class! It would be very helpful if you pre-cut any birthday treats that need cutting, as well as send in any needed paper supplies. Also, please avoid any treat that needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Please follow the Allergy Guidelines from the district.