• Classroom Information
    Chicka, Chicka
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    Welcome to Miss Arnold’s Room!
    Look below and you will see
    What a busy year it will be!

    Reading Workshop
    Students will participate in shared reading, guided reading and story time to develop reading skills and strategies. Each student will have a book box filled with books to read both privately and with a partner.

    Writing Workshop
    Students will write and illustrate books that teach, personal narratives, how-to books and persuasive letters using their knowledge of letters and sounds.

    Word Study and Phonics
    Students will develop phonemic awareness (learn to rhyme and to hear the individual sounds in words) and phonics skills (learn letter names and sounds) as they participate in word study and multi-sensory activities.

    Students will learn about two- and three-dimensional shapes, count objects, identify and write numerals, compose and decompose numbers and solve beginning addition and subtraction problems.

    Through hands on experiences, students will learn about pushes and pulls, animals, the seasons, weather, shadows, plants and seeds.
    Health and safety habits will develop as students study nutrition, dental health, feelings, fire safety and conflict resolution.
    Social Studies
    Students will learn about themselves as contributing members of families, schools and communities. They will explore symbols, traditions and holidays that honor our country.