• Reading Response

         In the book, Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, the main character is a young boy named Little Willy. Little Willy is a very responsible, hard working character.

         There are many ways Little Willy shows how responsible he is. When his Grandfather gets sick, Little Willy takes care of him and makes sure his Grandfather eats his oatmeal. Little Willy gets his medicine from the drug store when his Grandfather runs out. Little Willy also shows what a hardworker he is when he decides to bring in the potato crop all by himself. It is very hard work but Little Willy does it to try and save the farm. Finally, Little Willy shows what a hard worker he is by the way he practices and prepares for the big dog race every day after school. 

         These are the ways the main character of Little Willy demonstrates what a responsible, hard worker he is. Little Willy's Grandfather is lucky to have him!