• Classroom Information
    Third grade is so much fun!  Each day, we will learn more through Reading, Writing, Word Study, Math, Social Studies and Science.    
     General Information:


    We have a peanut-free classroom.  Please provide a “healthy” snack daily. Examples include fruit, vegetables, popcorn, and crackers.  Along with a snack, students may bring in a water bottle to have during the day.  (No juice or flavored water, please).

    Banana Bucks:

    Students will earn “Banana Bucks” throughout the week. This "money" is given for positive behaviors (completing classwork carefully, showing responsible behavior in the classroom and at specials, being kind to others etc.) Along with rewards, students can be “fined” for negative behaviors.  This helps minimize distractions and aid students in having a positive learning environment.  At the end of each week, students participate in a raffle.  If their Banana Buck is chosen, they get to choose a prize from our class prize box!


    Birthdays will be celebrated in third grade with a more student-centered approach.  Each child will be able to bring in one special item from home to share with the class. Treats will not be handed out.


    Please feel free to contact me at anytime with a question or concern. You may reach me at Sheridan Hill (407-9250) or by email lviscome@clarenceschools.org. Sending in a note with your child is also perfect!

    Please make sure to write a note for any changes in dismissal for the day (pick up, early dismissal, Y program etc.).