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           *no email=not a full time staff member in clarence
    V Cheer Amber Rector clarencevarsitycheer@yahoo.com
    JV Cheer Taine Braunscheidel clarencejvcheer@yahoo.com
    V Football Paul Burgio pburgio@clarenceschools.org
    V FB-Asst Tim Myslinski  
    V FB-Asst Frank Payne  
    JV FB Kurt Diesfeld kdiesfeld@clarenceschools.org
    JV FB-Asst Derek Kise  
    JV FB-Asst Robert Izydorczak  
    Mod FB Brian Maley bmaley@clarenceschools.org
    Mod FB-Asst Jeff Barrett jbarrett@clarenceschools.org
    V Field Hockey Marissa Faso  
    JV Field Hockey Francesca Cutrona  
    M Field Hockey Cat Peters cpeters@clarenceschools.org
    V Golf Jason Urbanek jurbanek@clarenceschools.org
    V Golf Kori Grasha kgrasha@clarenceschools.org
    V Gymnastics Mike Prelewicz  
    V Boys Soccer Mike Silverstein msilverstein@clarenceschools.org
    JV Boys Soccer Andrew Gates  
    JVb Boys Soccer Mike Kuper  
    Mod Boys Soccer Steve Weaver sweaver@clarenceschools.org
    V Girls Soccer Matt Andrews  mandrews@clarenceschools.org
    JV Girls Soccer Jill Hurley  
    Mod Girls Soccer Yohan Andraud  
    V Girls Swim Eric McClaren emcclaren@clarenceschools.org
    V Girls Swim Kelly Neth-Diving  
    V Girls Swim-Asst Tom Steuer  
    V Tennis Michael DelSignore mdelsignore@clarenceschools.org
    V Boys Volleyball David Hill  
    JV Boys Volleyball David Grabowski dgrabowski@clarenceschools.org
    Mod Boys Volleyball James Neubauer jneubauer@clarenceschools.org
    V Girls Volleyball Mike Meyer mmeyer@clarenceschools.org
    JV Girls Volleyball Jocelyn Canaday  
    Mod Girls Volleyball Robin Shifflet rshifflet@clarenceschools.org
    V Boys X-Country Justin Weldon jweldon@clarenceschools.org
    V Girls X-Country Shannon Jablonski sjablonski@clarenceschools.org
    Mod CoedX-Country Stephanie Stevens sstevens@clarenceschools.org
    V Boys Basketball Doug Ratka dratka@clarenceschools.org
    JV Boys Basketball Ali Ramadan  
    F Boys Basketball Charlie Vesper  
    M Boys Basketball Kurt Diesfeld kdiesfeld@claremceschools.org
    V Girls Basketball Erin Booker ebooker@clarenceschools.org
    JV Grils Basketball Jocelyn Canaday  
    M Girls Basketball Brian Maley bmaley@clarenceschools.org
    V Girls Bowling Tammy Derkovitz tderkovitz@clarenceschools.org
    V Boys Bowling Jeff Pohlman  
    V Cheer Amber Rector clarencevarsitycheer@yahoo.com
    JV Cheer Taine Braunscheidel clarencejvcheer@yahoo.com
    V Boys Ice Hockey Rick Brooks rbrooks@clarenceschools.org
    V - Asst. Boys Ice Hockey Mike Lock  
    V Girls Ice Hockey Nicola Adimey  
    V Indoor Track Justin Weldon jweldon@clarenceschools.org
    V Indoor Track Kevin McCuen kmccuen@clarenceschools.org
    V Indoor Track Sara Davis sdavis@clarenceschools.org
    V Rifle Brittany Belko clarencerifle@gmail.com
    V Swim Eric McClaren jmcclaren@clarenceschools.org
    V Swim Tom Stuer  
    M Swim J Zwierzchowski  
    M Swim Abigail Simon  
    V WR Jason Chase jchase@clarenceschools.org
    V - Asst. WR Mat Dawson  
    Mod WR Scott Beebe rbeebe@clarenceschools.org
    Mod WR Anthony Liberatore  
    Unified  BKB Beth Brawn bbrawn@clarenceschools.org
    V BB Dave Smith dsmith@clarenceschools.org
    MOD BB Steven Weaver sweaver@clarenceschools.org
    JV BB Scott Beebe rbeebe@clarenceschools.org
    FR BB Tim Fitzgerald tfitzgerald@clarenceschools.org
    V LAX Charley Warkenthein  
    MOD LAX Yohan Andraud  
    JV LAX Jason Chase  jchase@clarenceschools.org
    V LAX Catherin Peters cpeters@clarenceschools.org
    MOD LAX Marissa Faso  
    JV LAX Jackie Bowman jbowman@clarenceschools.org
    V SB Todd Banaszak tbanaszak@clarenceschools.org
    MOD SB April Kegler  
    JV SB Brian Maley bmaley@clarenceschools.org
    V TEN Alex Chambers achambers@clarenceschools.org
    V TRK - HC Kevin McCuen kmccuen@clarenceschools.org
    V TRK Nick Rizzo nrizzo@clarenceschools.org
    V TRK Frank Payne  
    MOD TRK-HC Jeff Barrett jbarrett@clarenceschools.org
    V TRK - HC Justin Weldon jweldon@clarenceschools.org
    V TRK Shannon J. sjablonski@clarencecschools.org
    Mod TRK Jeff Barrett jbarrett@clarenceschools.org
    MOD TRK- Matt Lauer mlauer@clarenceschools.org
    MOD TRK Brad Paxton bpaxton@clarenceschools.org
    MOD TRK Dan Tarnowski dtarnowski@clarenceschools.org