• Classroom Expectations

     Fifth grade students are expected to be kind, respectful and responsible young people. Students will:

    **Be quiet in the hallways

    **Address adults properly

    **Treat books and belongings with care

    **Keep their work area clean

    Students have fun in fifth grade as they continue to grow and learn.  They enjoy many new freedoms and privileges, but failure to be respectful and responsible may cause loss of these privileges.  

    What is Allowed?

    Students may bring in electronic readers (Nooks, Kindles, etc.), however, the student is responsible for this costly device. They may not be used for games.

    What is NOT Allowed?

    Cell phones, iPods, and gaming devices are not to be used at Sheridan Hill. Teachers are not responsible for these items in the event they find their way into the school.


    Birthday Celebrations

    We celebrate birthdays by holding a short  “extra recess” period in honor of the birthday child. NO FOOD or CANDY or shared items are permitted.


    Students who are absent from school due to illness will always be given a reasonable amount of time to complete assignments. Requests for homework should be sent to the Sheridan Hill Front office (407-9250) by noon so that I can provide materials.