• Parenting after Divorce

    Children adjust to family changes approximately as well as their parents do.

    Parents who choose cooperation are putting their children first.

    Detach because conflict is a powerful connection between former mates.

    Every arrow you send to the other parent passes through your child.

    Acceptance and letting go of the past is the key to healthy co-parenting.

    Children need parents to get along with one another to develop healthy life skills.

    Respectful communication builds bridges for children between parents.

    You can only control one person- yourself!

    - Shari Delisle, Ph.D (shari.delisle@verizon.net)

  • Good Guidelines for Co-Parenting:

    Encourage your child's relationship with the other parent.

    Be positive about the other parent in front of the children.

    Communicate directly and respectfully with one another.

    Never ask your child to carry messages from one parent to the other.

    Use exchange time for small talk and pleasantries only- requests and feedback handled privately.

    Avoid asking child to take sides or show preference to either parent.

    Information about legal and financial issues should never be shared with children.

    No requests for information from child about the other parent's life.

    No criticism or blame of other parent shared with children.