• Fourth Grade Instrument Sign Ups: Click Here!


    Here's the information letter that went home: 


    Dear Families, 


    The Clarence Music Department is excited to start recruiting students for our 2021-2022 Band and Orchestra programs! This week, we have introduced the instruments to your child in an outdoor assembly and would like for them to sign up today! 

    Recruitment ScheduleWithin the next two weeks, your child will be able to try out an instrument that they would like to play. Our goal is to find the right fit for your child so that both success and enjoyment are part of their learning. Because of physical adaptability, sometimes the music instructor may recommend that a student play an instrument other than his/her first choice. In addition to finding the right instrument for your child, we strive for balanced instrumentation so that your child can play with the best sounding band and orchestra. Second choices and other options will be given to fit both of these circumstances. Students will have an instrument selected in the next two weeks and will begin lessons on that instrument the week of Sept. 27th. 


    How to Apply- Please fill out the google form which can be found on the music website, email, and if you are viewing this electronically, here: https://forms.gle/Lvsx76Rm1YRTbnSQA  If for any reason, you cannot fill this form out successfully, please email us using the addresses listed below.  Forms are due as soon as possible and no later than Monday, September 13th. 


    Should I sign up my child?- If your child isn’t sure about participating, please remember that it is always easier to say yes now and try it. After playing for 10 weeks (in the Fall), teachers evaluate each student to determine if the student progress and interest warrants continuation. Most of our students play an instrument for the entire first year of study.


    Safety Measures- The Clarence Music Department follows Erie County health guidelines. We currently maintain a 6-foot distance, sanitize hands before & after,  and clean & sanitize mouthpieces. We do not share reeds. We will continue to follow health regulations to keep your child safe during every music experience. 


    Instrument – Instruments for 4th grade students will be provided by the school. Students who already own instruments should make note of the fact on the application. If the instrument is in playing condition, it may be used. 


    Please speak with your child and fill out the google form together to select your first and second choices. The contact information you include will be kept confidential and will help us reach you in the future. If you have any questions, please include them in the form and/or reach us via the contact information below. We look forward to working with you and your child!




    Clarence Center & Sheridan Hill Bands- Mrs. Dana Bennett dbennett@clarenceschools.org

    Harris Hill & Ledgeview Bands- Mr. Thomas Furminger tfurminger@clarenceschools.org

    District Orchestras (CC, HH, LV, & SH)- Mr. James Ieda jieda@clarenceschools.org